The “Miraculous” VS. Blessings and Favor

I’m going to drop some good stuff on you in this post, and I want to make sure the credits get put in the right place. First, ALL the glory goes to Jesus! After that I want to honor the man I call Pastor, Rev. J. A. Gillis of My Father’s House in New Carlisle, Ohio. More than any other man whose ministry I’ve served under, he has pointed me to the extreme richness and depths of the Word of God. In a world inundated with pop psychology, pop culture, and immature adolescent fumblings that masquerade as Biblical hermeneutics, Pastor Gillis’ voice rises like a clarion call leading us back to fresh, sweet paths of spiritual insight found in the Word of God.

If I accomplish nothing more than activating within you the reader a bold, robust spirit of what I like to call “Cerebral Christianity”, (that’s thinking, my friend) then we as God’s people could progress past the “hype” and hoopla into a rock-solid, bedrock foundation of God’s Word and fulfillment of His Purpose in us! Amen! Let it be so, dear God!

The truth is, living from miracle to miracle, of necessity means living from crisis to crisis. These crises are generally the result of living OUTSIDE of the regular positive flow of God’s blessing, favor and provision! Right?! Wouldn’t it just be easier to discipline ourselves to following the clear mandates of God’s Word? Deuteronomy 28 says His blessings will pursue and overtake us wherever we are!!

You cannot outrun God’s blessings if you’ll obey Him!

We’re not teaching, as some would accuse, a salvation of works; but as it is in Truth, of faithful obedience to His Word. Acts 5:32 says, “And we are his witnesses of these things; and so is also the Holy Ghost, whom God hath given to them that obey him“. The Word brings Faith, which fosters in us Obedience…the evidence of Obedience is in our Doings!

Consider this…..If we who claim to be God’s children, would begin to live according to the commandments of God, thus releasing the positive flow of God’s blessings and provision to us WE WOULD NOT NEED the miraculous to rescue us and bail us out all the time! THAT situation would mean that we could focus the miraculous flow of the Spirit into providing “proofs” of His power and mercy to unbelievers! Which would be more in line with what He (Jesus) taught in the first place.

Wrap your brain around this thought. While an unbeliever may grudgingly admit God did something miraculous for you, he/she may still actually be in doubt. But if you pray with authority, and HE receives a miracle from God for himself…he cannot doubt it and may very possibly turn from his unbelief to follow your Christ! And THAT my friend is what the miracle working power of God is all about!

Mark 16:20 And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.

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About jswilloughby

Rev. James Willoughby is an Evangelist and Bible Teacher, as well as a published author. His teaching ministry, Focal Points carries him into many different venues. Emphasizing…discipleship training, small group development, structures and strategies for leadership, and ministry mentoring for young men and women. His evangelistic ministry has been blessed of God with great anointing, and powerful demonstration of the Spirit in healings and miracles as he ministers the Word of Faith.
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